Monday 24 November 2008

Norwegian Expo turns out to be a grand success!

With the merry event of Jashan-e-Riaz 08, glad tidings come across from the European Continent, as the MFI International Team return to England with more than just satisfaction to boast about.

The Chief Executive of MFI, HH Younus AlGohar, exultingly expressed, "Norwegian people are very open, receptive and they do not argue".

"It was just brilliant", says Saint Steve, who was one of the main speakers at the event. "We were not aware of the surroundings, but when we met the people, when they accepted, we felt it was home".

A pleasant day to all readers and a merry Jashan-e-Riaz!

Monday 17 November 2008

Surah Al Qamar (Qur'an)

Grateful to the Lord, I am as I type this article, for His Graciousness Lord Ra Riaz has given me the opportunity to place this article before the readers. I would like to make the reader aware of the misguidance spread by many through their wrongly interception of the Quran throughout the centuries after the departure of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); I shall also clarify, dictate and reveal some points, clarified, dictated and revealed to me by my Spiritual Guide and Master ‘Younus AlGohar’.
Please read extract from the Quran (54 - Surah Al Qamar- 1:1)

This Ayat from the Quran has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by many, and has been translated as wrongly, thus not coming into the understanding of human kind. To understand the proper meaning of this Ayat, one has to study the word ‘شَقَّ’. This Ayat does not refer to the incident when Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets) sliced the Moon into two halves as the grammar used in this Ayat clearly states a time still to come. The word ‘شَقَّ’ does not mean to split in two pieces, it could rather be translated as ‘erupt’, for example, when we sow a seed, it erupts through the soil and unto the ground; this particular action is called ‘شَقَّ’, and also could be described as to ‘sprout out’. Through Spiritual knowledge, the meaning of ‘شَقَّ’ would be: Something is hidden, and it suddenly erupts or sprouts out and thus comes to being revealed. In accordance and understanding to this theory, the Moon was plain and didn’t have any spiritual significance yet possessed a hidden secret, and when time came the image of HH Gohar Shahi erupted unto, and hovered above the surface of the Moon.
To make the understanding of the word ‘شَقَّ’ easier, an example that could put forward is, ‘When Prophet Moses (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); applied his holy staff into the river; the water erupts and sprouts apart a path for Prophet Moses (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); and his nation to walk through’. It’s a famous rumour that Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); sliced the Moon into two halves and put them back together again; the point is that, what benefit did his ‘slicing-the-Moon-into-two-halves’ bring to the world? This is because, whatever Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); did, it was only done to benefit humanity, whereas this famous rumour does not lead to bringing benefit to the humanity.

This famous rumour must have been spread by people who said this out of love for Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets);, but man should see that by making such rumours, one wouldn’t benefit anyone, but rather bring mischief out of their pure intentions (I hope). What is true must be said; be it in the love of Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); or not.

Prophet Mohammad (May God send salutation upon all Prophets); said, “O’ Companion, the day is not far, when you shall see Your Lord as close as you see the Moon”. This one sentence from the Hadeeth directs the reader towards the image of HH Gohar Shahi on the Moon. Many people ask for proof of the image of HH Gohar Shahi’s image on the Moon. Now, if you can see something, why would you need a proof? Unless one is blind, it shouldn’t be asked for the proof for the image of HH Gohar Shahi on the Moon. It is obviously not humanly possible to put up a picture, or carve an image of someone on the Moon, so nonetheless, it should be declared as God’s miracle, or in other words ‘nature’, and nature is the miracle of God. His Holiness Gohar Shahi also announces the image of HH Gohar Shahi as Miracle of Nature.
Prophets can perform miracles and in accordance to spiritual law, it is a must for the prophet to reveal and bestow his miracles, whereas a Saint does possess the power to perform miracles, but again, in accordance to the spiritual law, it is a must for the Saint to try not to perform miracles.
A famous Muslim saint, known as ‘Sultan Haq Bahoo’ wrote a book, called ‘Rouhi Shareef’, and in the book the author writes: “The Tifl-e-Noorie of each Sultan Al Fuqra is an image of God”. Many people object upon why we declare HH Gohar Shahi’s image as the image of God; and the answer to this objection shall be put forward to you following. HH Gohar Shahi says in His book ‘The Religion of God’, “If 150 suns are combined altogether; they shall still not be able to beat the volume and size of the face of HH Gohar Shahi in space (also verified by NASA)”.
HH Gohar Shahi explains, “This face of mine is not my physical face, it is the face of my Tifl-e-Noorie”.

Quran says, “Everything shall be destroyed, nought shall remain but the face of Your Lord”.

The face of Lord that this Ayat talks about directs to the same face of HH Gohar Shahi in space.

Foot Note:
My Spiritual Guide Younus AlGohar once asked HH Gohar Shahi, “Sarkar, the Torah says that God and his sons shall come descend upon the world in the last era, Sarkar what does this means?” It was then revealed; God’s son is one who possesses a sub-spirit from Tifl-e-Noorie. Spiritual Guide Younus AlGohar has those sub-spirits, now, whoever shall please the heart of Younus AlGohar, shall be granted a sub-spirit from the Tifl-e-Noorie of HH Gohar Shahi. After knowing this, anyone may be disobedient in footsteps of their wish and accordance, but they must also be aware that they shall never be granted the sub-spirit from the Tifl-e-Noorie of HH Gohar Shahi.

Thank You for reading,

NYounus AlGohar
London, England

Jashan-e-Riaz Mubarak!

A very merry Jashan-e-Riaz to you all!
Heralding the 25th November of 2008! The Grand Anniversary of The Awaited Mehdi's Arrival into the world.

His Holiness Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in the mirror of our observation!

We have founded this spiritual organization to assist His Holiness Gohar Shahi. We would like to make mention of our spiritual experiences that we felt in His Company, and the divine signs that we have witnessed in the Moon, the Sun, the Holy Black Stone and various other places. We have verified the image of His Holiness Gohar Shahi in the Holy Black Stone, on the Moon and the Sun. We are completely convinced that His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi who has been foretold in many celestial books. We are completely convinced that His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi who has been foretold in many celestial books.

We strongly believe that His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the awaited Imam Mehdi, however, many people including some of his own followers are confused because He didnt formally make any announcement to confirm that He is the Imam Mehdi. His Holiness Gohar Shahi says, “Whether Imam Mehdi publically announces his claim of Imam Mehdi, or He remains silent; whether Imam Mehdi lives in public or He adopts occultation, the true Imam Mehdi is one whom God has sent”. Imam Mehdi bears the seal of Mehdi-hood on his back; whoever bears that seal is actually the Awaited Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi does not have to forebear hardship of the imprisonment by making a public announcement of his divine appointment.
If the world does not recognize Imam Mehdi today, the day is not far when the entire humanity will recognize Imam Mehdi unassisted, unsolicited and unguided. Imam Mehdi is silent and awaits the man who bears the courage that of Omar Bin Khattab!
We invite you to study the Teachings of His Holiness and examine the divine signs that God has manifested in relation to His Holiness Gohar Shahi's appointment as Imam Mehdi. Embrace Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi's message, lest his opposition lead you to hellfire!

Some Muslims say that they want to recognize Imam Mehdi in the light of Hadith. Beware, most hadith contradict each other, and their authenticity is questionable. Because of this contradiction, it is almost impossible to determine the authenticity of any hadith. Today, we do not have any original hadith from the times of Prophet Mohammad, and these books of Hadith were published by the clerics who oppose each other on sectarian grounds, and declare each other as Kafir, Munafiq and Murtid. God sent Gabriel to protect the text of Quran, and these Hadith were published, sorted and printed without the guidance and protection of Gabriel. These Hadith are not trustworthy anymore, for clerics have modified it from time to time. Since, the Hadith are not worthy of placing the trust on, therefore, God has manifested His signs in the horizon and in your beings, so that you may see it with your eyes, and feel it through your personal senses. These divine signs are foolproof, and man cannot interfere with them.
The translation and explanation (Tasfeer) of the Holy Quran also has been tempered with. Even the Quran has been made subject to mischief. When the Holy Quran has been made subject to mischief, the Hadith suffered a mightier blow than the Quran in terms of alteration and modification. Perhaps, this is what the Poet of the East Iqbal said: The Era of Hadith is history now. I ask you now, whether you would listen to different opinions of the people or would you prefer God's signs to recognize Imam Mehdi?

People exclaim, "Never in the history, image of any prophet or any saint appeared on the Moon, the Sun and the stars! Why has it appeared now?” I say, “Because Imam Mehdi didnt appear before”. Since Imam Mehdi has come now, therefore, God's Signs have manifested now. Had Imam Mehdi had come in the past, such signs would have definitely appeared. In the Arabic text of the Hadith, the Awaited One has been titled with Imam Mehdi, and Mehdi means ‘the one of the moon’; most people wrongfully regard it as Mahdi, which means ‘the Guided one’. Because Mehdi means ‘the one of the Moon’, therefore, Imam Mehdi's image has appeared on the Moon, however, image of His Holiness Gohar Shahi has appeared on various other planets and objects also to clarify and strengthen the belief of the masses. Being from the Family of Prophet Mohammad or His daughter Fatima isn’t a big deal, for there are millions of such people who claim to be Sadat. Being connected with Mohammad's celestial gathering isn’t a big deal either, for there are thousands of individuals who have access to it. Access to Loh-e-Mehfouz isn’t a big deal either, for this also is very common. Speaking with God, and seeing God in person isn’t a big deal either, because there have been so many saints who have acquired it. Extra-ordinary is the Personality who is being introduced on cosmic level, and all religions bow their heads before Him, and This is Imam Mehdi.

When the people of knowledge read the Quran, they exclaimed, ‘Nay, it isn’t human text’. They recognized the divine text, therefore, they believed in the Prophet Mohammad. Now the Prophethood is terminated, and no Prophet is to come. No celestial Book is to come. Is there any other way or means for the humanity to recognize Imam Mehdi for except with the assistance of these divine signs? All celestial books foretold of the future books and future personalities. Similarly, the Quran also foretold the divine signs that would precede the emergence of Imam Mehdi, and reveal the personal identity of Imam Mehdi's persona.

Penned by His Holiness Gohar Shahi, 6th November 2001

Declaration of Imam Mehdi Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

In every country, in every city, in every locality, in every home, there are some God-loving souls. I aim to convey the message of love to the hearts of God-loving souls.

God granted two types of knowledge to every Grand Prophet. 1- Outer Knowledge, 2- Esoteric (Mystic) knowledge, the outer knowledge deals in rituals and matter relating to social reforms.

Those who acquired the Mystical knowledge as well as the outer knowledge, they became spiritually and intellectually enlightened. But those who restricted themselves to the outer knowledge only, they were unable to comprehend the true meaning of the religion and word of God. Such individuals were deprived of God’s love, and Spiritual connection with God. Their self-created perception about the religion misled them. Inability to comprehend the word of God, led them into divisions into the religion. This is how sectarianism started.

The Mystical Knowledge has become extinct. Therefore, people shun its quest. As a result of this, people separated and distanced from God.

I want to revive the Mystical Knowledge again. I want to revolutionize the humanity with Divine Love.

Mehdi Foundation International promotes the timeless mystical knowledge of Spirituality.